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Martha Amelie: Simplicity 8228

Hello ! How is your week going ? Mine has been a mixed bag. My class took a field trip skiing the other day, and that was interesting. Anyway, this weekend I made a new set, and I am super pleased with it.

I think this bralette may become my go-to from now on. It does take a bit more time to sew as it has shaping and seams, but it's really lovely. I know this post is long, but I have lots of important information. The headings are in bold so you can skip if you don't care for a certain section.

I named the bralette Martha Amelie: The name Martha just popped into my head and I knew it was going to stick for the style, and Amelie for the color. I know it doesn't mean red, but oh well.

Pattern: Simplicity 8228, a collaboration with Madalynne. The sizes run from 32A to 40DD.

Size: 32D, my normal size. I did take a look at the instructions for choosing size, and they seem to be fine.

Materials Used: Burgundy stretch galloon lace, rosy nude power mesh, and 1/8" pale pink elast…

Sweetest Dream

Hello! This January has been beautiful. It's kind of warm, I have a new job, and life is good. Somehow my mind/heart has transitioned into spring, and for me, that means pink. My newest bralette reflects that in the whimsical print and gorgeous pink elastic.
Pattern: This was once based on the Mallori Lane pattern by Madalynne, but it has undergone so many changes. The only thing left from the original is the underbust curves. Is it wrong for me to say that I created most of this pattern? I certainly didn't draft it myself originally but now most of it has been designed and adjusted by me.

Also, Madalynne has probably been my biggest inspiration for this bra. At least the pattern/structure.

Materials: Nightfall in Spark knit by Art Gallery Fabrics, rayon spandex knit from Nicole Miller for JoAnn's (from last spring), white stretch lace (yardage, not galloon lace), elastics and rings+sliders from ArteCrafts on Etsy. I really love this light pink/blush elastic. It's so ele…

Make for Making

Hello! I am cramming one last blog post in before I head back to college and real life. This post is kind of rambling and might not make sense: You are warned.

So earlier, in my Top 5 Goals post I had listed my goals: exactly none. And that still holds true. I feel no need to make goals. I don't need the stress that comes with goals.

I've also noticed that I made a fancy thing, a cream and gold skirt that I adore.

I remember Rae's holiday lace dress post, and some of the comments on that, both myself and others talking about how often fancy things are worn and sewing wearable things, or sewing fancy things because sewing them is fun.

There is a lot of talk in the past few years about capsule wardrobes and sewing things that you will wear, and I hit right into these topics when I started sewing. Colette's Wardrobe Architect was influential, as was the capsules of Caroline, author of Unfancy. I did a major haul of my clothes, and while I tried a capsule wardrobe the &quo…

Birch Tree Skirt

How are you doing on this fine but all too short Christmas break? Late last week I went to my cousin's wedding. It was lovely and enjoyable but involved a hefty road trip.

Anyway, earlier this month I was at JoAnn's, looking at their fancy, holiday party fabrics. While I couldn't justify buying gold sequins when I had no formal events, I could justify buying a less expensive and more elegant cream with metallic gold running through it. It's not a thin fabric but still would work for dresses and skirts. A bit too heavy for blouses. I didn't know what to make with it at the time.

Eventually I settled on a pleated skirt, and made it to wear to the wedding!

Pattern: Butterick 4722, a girls' pattern for skirts.

Size: 14. This is a girl's pattern. The measurements roughly match up to a 10/12 in McCall's women's patterns, which means they would be close to a size 8. Weird, I know.

Materials: Fabric from JoAnn's. Vintage bias tape. Zipper from my stash, o…