Birch Tree Skirt

How are you doing on this fine but all too short Christmas break? Late last week I went to my cousin's wedding. It was lovely and enjoyable but involved a hefty road trip.

Anyway, earlier this month I was at JoAnn's, looking at their fancy, holiday party fabrics. While I couldn't justify buying gold sequins when I had no formal events, I could justify buying a less expensive and more elegant cream with metallic gold running through it. It's not a thin fabric but still would work for dresses and skirts. A bit too heavy for blouses. I didn't know what to make with it at the time.

Eventually I settled on a pleated skirt, and made it to wear to the wedding!

Pattern: Butterick 4722, a girls' pattern for skirts.

Size: 14. This is a girl's pattern. The measurements roughly match up to a 10/12 in McCall's women's patterns, which means they would be close to a size 8. Weird, I know.

Materials: Fabric from JoAnn's. Vintage bias tape. Zipper from my stash, originally from Walmart, I think. The fabric is very interesting. It's got a woven pattern kind of like birch tree bark. The nonmetallic threads are very thick and it frays like crazy.

Construction: Instead of using petersham for the waist, I used bias tape. I also hemmed with bias tape. I had to be careful not to snag more gold threads than necessary, which meant I could only sew from the right side of the fabric. As a result, my bias tape application is a bit messy, but it looks fine from the front. My zipper is also too long, but I had it on hand and it matched.
Before doing any sewing, right after cutting, I serged all the edges of this fabric because it had already started fraying.

Alterations: I shortened it (4 inches ish, maybe more) and took a tad bit out of the sides so it sat higher on my waist.

Comments: I really like it. It's a bit different for me, just like the last shirt I posted, and I like it a lot. I'm not sure how much wear it will get, since it's fancy-ish, but I can wear it to church at the very least. And sometimes making fancy things is fun in and of itself. So there.

And here is me all gussied up for the day of the wedding:

Have you made any fancy things for Christmas or parties or other events?