Make for Making

Hello! I am cramming one last blog post in before I head back to college and real life. This post is kind of rambling and might not make sense: You are warned.

So earlier, in my Top 5 Goals post I had listed my goals: exactly none. And that still holds true. I feel no need to make goals. I don't need the stress that comes with goals.

I've also noticed that I made a fancy thing, a cream and gold skirt that I adore.

I remember Rae's holiday lace dress post, and some of the comments on that, both myself and others talking about how often fancy things are worn and sewing wearable things, or sewing fancy things because sewing them is fun.

There is a lot of talk in the past few years about capsule wardrobes and sewing things that you will wear, and I hit right into these topics when I started sewing. Colette's Wardrobe Architect was influential, as was the capsules of Caroline, author of Unfancy. I did a major haul of my clothes, and while I tried a capsule wardrobe the "smallness" of it just felt limiting to me. I ended up with a small, refined wardrobe and I was happy with that.

I still am. However, my wardrobe is growing as I explore different things. Like adding in different colors, or prints. Also, the weather calls for me to have lots of layers. All this adds up to me slowly moving away from a small wardrobe.

I mean, obviously it's still small, since I have limited clothes storage. Dorm rooms aren't walk-in closets.

But I made something this Christmas break that I knew wouldn't be worn in day to day life when I made my cream and gold skirt. And I have quite a bit of not so practical fabric around--like gold-copper-ish silk that I got for Christmas, and pale pink lace I picked up when Hancock Fabrics went out of business. And rust silk-like fabric (probably poly) that came from a relative's estate sale.

I find that I am enjoying a bit of freedom when I sew something just because. Planning impractical but fun makes is exciting.

All this to say that I am choosing not to remain completely practical and capsule wardrobe-like. I want to make fun things. And then I want to wear them. I want to find places to wear them.

Maybe this is just a yearning for adventure, I don't know. But I am embracing it. So. For however long as I feel like it, I will sew whatever I want. I will probably sew some practical things. I will probably sew some fanciful, inspired designs as well. I will sew what I want. :) There.

I will also be tagging all my impractical but enjoyable makes with the tag "Make for Making", meaning that I chose the project because it sounded exciting, a little different, or just a little crazy.

Do you ever sew things just because, or do all your makes fill a need?