Sweetest Dream

Hello! This January has been beautiful. It's kind of warm, I have a new job, and life is good. Somehow my mind/heart has transitioned into spring, and for me, that means pink. My newest bralette reflects that in the whimsical print and gorgeous pink elastic.
Pattern: This was once based on the Mallori Lane pattern by Madalynne, but it has undergone so many changes. The only thing left from the original is the underbust curves. Is it wrong for me to say that I created most of this pattern? I certainly didn't draft it myself originally but now most of it has been designed and adjusted by me.

Also, Madalynne has probably been my biggest inspiration for this bra. At least the pattern/structure.

Materials: Nightfall in Spark knit by Art Gallery Fabrics, rayon spandex knit from Nicole Miller for JoAnn's (from last spring), white stretch lace (yardage, not galloon lace), elastics and rings+sliders from ArteCrafts on Etsy. I really love this light pink/blush elastic. It's so elegant and pretty without being juvenile.
The waistband elastic on the unders came free in an order from the Fabric Fairy.

Details of the bra:
#1. The front. This is a high-necked bra, very on trend. The front is lined with rayon spandex knit, making it super soft against the skin. The two pieces were sewn right sides together at the sides, then turned so they showed.

#2. Wrap around lace. Instead of only having a lace back, this lace wraps around front and angles in towards the center of the rib cage. Personally I find this very flattering as well as fashionable. Plus it means I get to see more lace, always a good thing. In the front, the lace is simply lightning stitched (stem stitched ?) to the front of the bra, both layers, as well as being stitched at the edge of the front piece.

#3. Ruching in the front. This is actually the least professional looking part of the bra. After I tried it on the first time, I noticed that it felt a little loose. To remedy that a tad, I added some ruching to the lower center front. All I did was stretch some cotton elastic a ton while zig-zag stitching. Easy. The ends stick out since I hadn't planned this, but I don't care. I'm really enamoured with this bra.

#4. Halter neck strap. I tried something a little different with the strap; normally I don't care for halter straps. But I liked the idea of an open back. I also sewed it in under the elastic for a cleaner finish, and I misplaced the straps somewhat. Again, this doesn't bother me as I love the bra.

#5. Aren't my materials adorable ?!?! I love the fabric, and I love that I managed to get the rabbits on the bra, even though they are tipped sideways :P .It's so cute and also very soft, and the more you wash the cotton the softer it gets.
The pink elastic !! So cute !

Also I made matching unders from the scraps I had.

I absolutely adore this set!

Have you ever made anything that just made you ridiculously happy?


  1. Ooh pretty! Love the blush and the tiny rabbits <3


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