Fit to a Tee, Well, Kind of.

Here I am again, with older pictures, but a project I didn't share last time. This is a basic kimono sleeve tee, but it feels trendier than that.

To be honest, I started this top last summer, and didn't like the fit. I then changed the pattern, did a Full Bust Adjustment, and started another version of it. I hadn't finished that one either.
Just a few weeks ago, I was going through my unfinished objects and found this. I tried it on and discovered that now I really like it! So I took it back with me to finish and here it is.

Pattern: The Riff Tee by Cake Patterns, available for free on Craftsy. To access it you do need a Craftsy account, but that is also free. It is a basic tee with kimono sleeves and hem bands.

Size: Cake Patterns uses a grid sizing method that can be a little confusing but turned out okayish for me. I honestly don't remember what size I used. My bust is 32", but my shoulders tend to be narrow so I probably went on the smaller side? I'm not sure.

Materials Used: Rayon/spandex jersey from JoAnn's last spring. I used the wrong side for the bands. Elastic for stabilizing the shoulder seams.

Directions/Construction: I don't remember what the directions were like, and other than figuring out how to make the size, I probably didn't use them... It's a tee with sleeve-hem and neck bands. Pretty easy.
There is elastic in the shoulder seams to make sewing them easier and to stabilize the top when worn.

Alterations: So, I do remember that the arm holes were huge when I first tried the top on. I definitely raised them to make them smaller. This may be because I am skinny.
Also, this top is supposed to have a lower hem band, but when I tried it on again recently, I liked the cropped length and so kept it.
I can't remember if I raised the neckline or it came like this? Oh well.

Fit: It's pretty tight through the chest, and the shoulder seams don't really sit on my shoulders, but that's not atypical for me.

Future Alterations: Honestly, the experience of making this was not good at the time. It was kind of a hassle to figure out my size and then the sleeves were huge, and it just didn't fit the way I wanted, so I doubt I will ever make this pattern again. I'm not saying it's a bad pattern, just that it didn't agree with me.

Comments: I do like the vibes this top has. It has kind of a ringer tee feel to it, even though it has kimono sleeves. And I enjoy the cropped length.

Again, thanks to KJ for the photos.

Have you ever changed your mind about the fit of a garment or had a pattern that seemed more trouble than it was worth?