Letting Go of Fantasy Spring

Hello all, I hope you have all had reasonably nice weeks...
Anyway, so it's February. Spring clothing lines are coming out, even swimsuits. (Really? Swimsuits in February?) And spring colors are coming in style too... All together I am tired of winter, but as one of the girls on my dorm floor said, "Cropped jeans don't look good with frostbite."

I had to come to the realization that spring where I am doesn't happen until, like, May. Late May. As much as I want it to be warm and not slushy, it's not going to happen.
This is kind of like when Caroline of Un-Fancy had to come to terms with what she calls "fantasy fall". She lives much farther south than I do and knew that as much as she wanted to dress in stereotypical autumn garments, it's not practical.
I'm like that with spring. Here, we don't have much of a warm spring. So, even though I'm craving spring colors and styles, winter ones are still in effect.


Make clothes using spring colors but still in winter silhouettes. That means long sleeves, cardigans, tall socks, but happy tall socks. Pink tall socks. Pretty colors.

Knowing this, I went to look at jersey knits on Fabric.com. It's an easy place to see lots of options all at one time, and their design wall feature means you can play around with pairing fabrics for a palette, perhaps. Which is what I did.

I originally chose about 8 fabrics. Sorry, I didn't keep the snap of them all. Then I went through them, judging them on similarity to others, whether the color was nuanced or straight out of a crayon box, and their ability to match my closet already. Then I went through and tried to come up with a pattern for each fabric. If I couldn't easily think of something compatible, it was ditched.
I was left with these four fabrics:

All except for the top right are Telio knits. The top right is from Art Gallery.
The only problem I had is that while I really liked the pink rib knit, I didn't have explicitly clear plans for it. I wasn't even sure if I liked the color in more than just theory. I know that my mom doesn't care for that color with my skin-tone, and I've had several garments in a similar color that have been rotated out of my wardrobe. Also, I figured that there are dusky shades of a darker rose color that I know do look good on me.
In the end, I did not order the pink, but I'm still kind of questioning my decision.

Anyway, notice the colors: They're all kind of muted or saturated colors, but would look good with some brights thrown in. I like how the mustard ties this set to colors I wear in other seasons, meaning I get more wear from things that coordinate with it.
The dominate colors in this are mustard, teal, pink/coral and cream. Greens and slight blues appear as accents. (Can't have too much blue, though, because I Don't Wear Blue.)

These colors coordinate well with most of my clothes already. Right now, my wardrobe has plenty of crimsons, burnt oranges, olive greens, black, and teals. They're all pretty much muted or saturated colors. The new additions will add in brilliantly.

Note: Since the past summer I've found myself drawn to more saturated or muted colors than brights, and I'm not sure why. In any case, I think they look better on me. My hair, skin, and eyes are all kind of medium tones (dark blonde hair, hazel/brown eyes, fair but not ghastly pale skin). These colors are also kind of medium tones but they add contrast, if that makes sense? They don't throw off the balance, in any case. I have found that wearing some type of non-bright lip color (like a dark coral or reddish orange) can add even more contrast and I really like that, hence my growing collection of lip products.

So on to my plans. What am I going to make with these?

Immediately I wanted the mustard to become a longer-length cardigan. It will be something cozy for low temps and still be stylish. I will be able to wear leggings with it.
Two possible patterns: Driftless Cardigan by Grainline, but lengthen it, or Esme Cardigan by Named Patterns, but shorten it.
What I will probably do: Draft my own mid-thigh-length cardigan, based on my T-shirt block and clothes I already have.

The Art Gallery print will become a tight long-sleeved shirt. A classic, in a fun print.
Possible patterns: The Lark tee by Grainline has lots of options. If you're curvy, the Concord tee by Cashmerette would be great.
What I will do: Draft some long sleeves for my personal T-shirt block and use that.

The other floral print will become a long-sleeve, flowy tunic with raglan sleeves. Long enough to wear with leggings, short enough to wear with jeans.
Possible patterns: Ebony Tee by Closet Case Files, or New Look S0945.
What I will do: use the New Look one, as I already have the pattern and I know it fits.

So there are my plans for my spring wardrobe refresh, while keeping it winter weather appropriate. How do you plan for spring weather?