The Perfect Wardrobe Addition: Long Mustard Cardigan

Hello, all ! How are your lives going? Mine has been pretty stressful, but it's getting better. I do love my inorganic chem class, and calculus isn't even that bad. My family still needs prayers, but we are getting through.
Anyway, so last time I posted, it was about sewing plans. And guess what ?! I did one of the projects, and I LURVE IT SO MUCH. *insert heart eye emojis here* It's fabulous. Here it is: The Most Perfect Long Cardigan in the Color of Mustard.

Pattern: Traced off an Old Navy cardigan from years ago and modified to be looser and longer. If you don't want to trace one off, the Esme cardigan by Named or the Driftless cardigan by Grainline are similar, albeit different lengths. But that could be changed.

Materials Used: Telio rib knit from It's a poly/rayon/spandex blend, but it's not very stretchy at all. The right side looks nice but the wrong side looks very polyester-ish. I think it will pill easily but I can't bring myself to really care.

Trying to twirl.
Construction: Long cardigans involve a LOT of stitching in straight lines. Good for beginners but kind of boring for me.
I did deep hems on the sleeves and hem--1 and 2 inches respectively-and I love how professional it looks. I used a stretchy decorative stitch on the all hems.
I finished the neckline with a band, cut a little bit shorter than the actual length so it wouldn't stretch out. I topstitched this so it looks more professional.

Alterations: Sometime, years ago, I had traced out this pattern. Also years ago, I modified it to be looser. When I cut it out, I added a net ten inches to the length (added 12 then cut off 2) and a few inches to the sleeves, and widened the sleeves a bit.
I did end up lowering the "neckline", or where the front pieces meet, because it really looked like a dress and that is not what I was going for.

Fit: It's kind of tight through the shoulders and sleeves. It fits but it's kind of hard to get a long sleeve shirt underneath. I have done that, but it's hard.

Yeah, I can't twirl.
Future Alterations: I still need to add patch pockets and buttons. I'm picturing cognac colored fake wood (or real wood) ones. I saw some at JoAnn's that will work.

Why it's a Perfect Wardrobe Addition: I love it, first of all.

Maybe I can twirl?
Also, the color matches almost everything I own. It looks great with greens, rusts, reds, denims, neutrals, you name it, yet it still is a vibrant shade all its own. Basically, it acts like a neutral without looking like one, and to me that rocks. I get bored in neutrals but this is so lovely.

The style works for all seasons. As demonstrated by my hat and scarf picture, it is great for winter. Never mind the fact that we don't have winter weather currently. It also looks great with my red Keds, not pictured, for spring. I can imagine this with dusty pink shorts and sandals in summer, and I love it with cuffed jeans. Also, mustard is totally an autumn color! This is so versatile for the seasons.

I can dress this up a bit, if I wear it with a dress and heels (heels are pictured) or it can serve as a surrogate bathrobe if need be. The style really suits whatever it needs to suit.

All this combines to make a Perfect Wardrobe Addition, and I am overly pleased with it. It's really professional-looking and I just adore it.
This weekend I have more sewing from plans lined up--my tunic is next.
Photography is thanks to my lovely friend KJ, and this has probably been the most photo fun I've ever had. Twirling was so much fun and so was everything else.

What have been some of you all's Perfect Wardrobe Additions, me-made or not?


  1. Ooh! I may need to make myself one of these. It would be good practice I think and might turn out not half bad! :)

    1. I'd be up for that! When I come home next we can see if it fits you to reuse the pattern.


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