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Woodland Sprite

Hello! It's finally starting to feel like spring outside! This week has been so busy, though, that anything outside of studying and research has been pretty much outside my notice. That being said, I do have a new pattern to review! Wow, a new pattern for me!
This pattern and fabric combination is a dream. I just utterly love it, and now I want all sorts of colors of silk in this hammered texture.
Anyway. I'll get to pictures, taken by my friend Catherine of Caleotte Photography, and the review.

Pattern: NewLook 6373

Size: 8 in the shoulders and bust graded to a 10 in the hips. NewLook put me in like a size 12 somewhere, but I wasn't having any of that nonsense.

Materials Used: Copper/Gold hammered silk from Gorgeous Fabrics. I washed it--yes, I washed silk. I did a swatch first and it turned out fine so into the laundry it went. Not the dryer, though, I'm not crazy. Debbie, of Lily Sage and Co, washes silk all the time. I trusted that she wouldn't do it without reaso…

Wish Fulfillment: Inari Dresses

Hello, everybody! I am just finishing out spring break, and I did sooooo much sewing this week. Basically I did all my spring plans in 5 days. And today I had a chance to meet with a friend who lives a ways away to take pictures! She's a semi-professional photographer outside of her studies and takes gorgeous photos.
So here are the first things I made: Inari Dresses. These were made to replace the one I loved and shrunk last summer.

Size: Custom shoulders and sleeves, size 2 everywhere else

Materials: Rayon from JoAnn's and what I think is rayon from a flea-market.

Directions/Construction: Easy-peasy. Their instructions are great, not that I used them this time. I did last summer though and they are good!

Alterations: The big floral one has higher slits up the side (by 5cm) and a slightly shortened front hem. Both have bias bound necklines and sleeves, and no cuffs on the sleeves. I used vintage bias tape that I found. I'm sure it was from my grandmother.

Fit: Sooo much better…

Late Spring Plans--Less Practical, More Fun

Hello everybody! So now that I finished my cold weather spring sewing, it's time to plan some clothing for warmer climes! Also, Named Patterns released their spring collection and if that didn't give me summery vibes, nothing could. So. Here goes.

First up is something totally impractical, but hey, make for making, right? And wearing, if I can invent an occasion.
This will be a fancy yet simple dress. The top looks like a basic slip dress top--thin straps, V-neck in front and back. The bottom will be either a quarter or half circle skirt, with a handkerchief hemline. I will make a sash of the same fabric to go with it.
What fabric am I using, you ask? Well, here it is.

It's a lovely hammered silk charmeuse in the most gorgeous gold/copper color. It's from Gorgeous Fabrics (they still have it in stock!).
Because it's hammered, it's textured, so I think it will be easier to sew than just plain charmeuse. Also, do any of you have hemming tips for a handkerchief h…

Spring Basics--Mostly an Outfit Post

Hello everybody! This week has been going well for me. I received high grades on my exams from last week and I haven't had excessive homework, not to mention it has been sunny a lot.

So last weekend I finished my early spring sewing with my last top. It's pretty basic, not anything new really. But I do have a lot of lovely outfit pictures in which the shirt doesn't really show! Ah, the joys of pretending not to freeze while taking blog photos.

(On another note, some of the girls from my floor walked by as I was posing and started cheering for me.)

Without further ado, my basic long-sleeve floral tee.

Pattern: A personal pattern. The Lark Tee by Grainline and Concord Tee by Cashmerette are similar though.
I've used and hacked this pattern SO MANY TIMES by now.

Fabric: Cotton/spandex knit from the Sage collection by Art Gallery Fabrics, purchased through It's really soft. I highly recommend their knits.

Construction: I used 1 inch hems again and I really lik…

Flipflops in February?? AKA a New Floral Tunic

Hello all! How have you been? I do believe I am getting better, or at least my outlook on life is better, and isn't one's outlook what matters anyway?

Anyway, here I am with a new tunic, in unreasonably warm weather. I'm not sure how I feel about the top but I have been wearing it, so.

Pattern: My go-to pattern this year, S0945, a Simplicity raglan swing dress (with shoulder darts). Here it is shortened into a tunic but all the flare is present. This is the first time I didn't straighten it out.

Size: 8, like always. It's kind of big this time, but that's due to fabric choice.

Materials Used: Telio lightweight sweater knit from It's a poly-rayon blend and is pretty loosely knitted. It has lots of drape and likes to stretch side to side--stabilizing shoulder seams would be a good idea with this fabric. Strangely enough, this fabric keeps me warm when it's above freezing and I'm inside, when normal jerseys wouldn't. It's thin, so I do…