Flipflops in February?? AKA a New Floral Tunic

Hello all! How have you been? I do believe I am getting better, or at least my outlook on life is better, and isn't one's outlook what matters anyway?

Anyway, here I am with a new tunic, in unreasonably warm weather. I'm not sure how I feel about the top but I have been wearing it, so.

Pattern: My go-to pattern this year, S0945, a Simplicity raglan swing dress (with shoulder darts). Here it is shortened into a tunic but all the flare is present. This is the first time I didn't straighten it out.

Size: 8, like always. It's kind of big this time, but that's due to fabric choice.

Materials Used: Telio lightweight sweater knit from Fabric.com. It's a poly-rayon blend and is pretty loosely knitted. It has lots of drape and likes to stretch side to side--stabilizing shoulder seams would be a good idea with this fabric. Strangely enough, this fabric keeps me warm when it's above freezing and I'm inside, when normal jerseys wouldn't. It's thin, so I don't know why, but it does.

Construction: This is a basic swing tunic, pretty easy to sew. Like the mustard cardigan, it has lots of straight lines of stitching.
I used 1-inch deep hems on the sleeves and hem, and .5 inch on the neckline, all done with a decorative stitch. It doesn't look like a deco stitch, though, because the fabric stretched out while sewing, and when it relaxed back it decided to look like a basic zig-zag.

Alterations: I decided I didn't want a zipper or button in this tunic, so I widened the back by a tad and cut it on the fold to facilitate pulling it over my head. This was probably unnecessary with the stretchiness of my fabric, but with firmer fabrics it would be very useful.

I originally shortened this by 4 inches, and it had a dress-like length to it--the end was past my finger tips and everything. Then when I was sewing, I messed up a side seam and had to shorten it. Now it is a little too short for my liking but is still long enough to wear with leggings.

I also chose to leave off a neckband of any kind and just turned under the raw edge to stitch it. This makes the neckline more open.

As usual, I had to narrow the sleeves.

Fit: It's a bit too big, I'll be honest. The armholes stretch too low, but I didn't feel like fixing it. The fit right now can best be described as 'secret pyjamas' --which seamstress coined that term? I can't remember. I feel especially pyjama-like when I wear this with leggings. Then I'm basically encapsulated by cozy knits. But it is a tad bit too big for me.

KJ told me to be Marilyn Monroe standing on the grate with the wind blowing. I don't think it worked.
Future Alterations: I can't see myself making another one of these for a good long while, but if I did I would try to keep it a little longer.

Comments: I'm not sure how I feel about this. I've never really been a 'tunic person', and I don't think that's changed. But I like the print and it's turning out to be rather versatile.

Photo credits go to KJ, who takes pictures when I'm not ready and therefore captures some truly 'stunning' expressions.

So that's that. How do you feel about tunics? Love them, hate them, never tried them?