Late Spring Plans--Less Practical, More Fun

Hello everybody! So now that I finished my cold weather spring sewing, it's time to plan some clothing for warmer climes! Also, Named Patterns released their spring collection and if that didn't give me summery vibes, nothing could. So. Here goes.

First up is something totally impractical, but hey, make for making, right? And wearing, if I can invent an occasion.
This will be a fancy yet simple dress. The top looks like a basic slip dress top--thin straps, V-neck in front and back. The bottom will be either a quarter or half circle skirt, with a handkerchief hemline. I will make a sash of the same fabric to go with it.
What fabric am I using, you ask? Well, here it is.

It's a lovely hammered silk charmeuse in the most gorgeous gold/copper color. It's from Gorgeous Fabrics (they still have it in stock!).
Because it's hammered, it's textured, so I think it will be easier to sew than just plain charmeuse. Also, do any of you have hemming tips for a handkerchief hem? I have no clue.

What I will wear this with: high heels and bare shoulders, if I can get away with it. Honestly, more likely high heels and an olive green sweater, or maybe my cocoon cardigan. I think dark green would be a good foil to this gold/copper color. And olive green looks good on me, so.

Next up, I am planning a few more Inari dresses (by Named Patterns). If you were around last summer, you may remember how much I loved mine and then how sad I was when it shrunk. I didn't have enough fabric left over to make an exact copy, but I do have some similar fabrics I want to use. The checkered one came from a flea-market, and the floral from JoAnn's. I know the floral is rayon, and I suspect the other is a cotton/poly/rayon blend of some sort. In either case, you can rest assured I will definitely wash the fabrics and dry them prior to sewing!

In other good news with the Inari, I washed one of my muslins that was too big, and it came out actually fitting in the shoulders now! This is awesome because that was the part I struggled to fit. Now I can just take that muslin apart and use the shoulders for my pattern, blending back out to the usual waist and hips of the dress.

Third up is a new pattern I want to try. Also by Named, these are the Ninni Culottes. They look so comfortable! Named has said that they would be perfectly suitable in a woven, so I want to make light colored denim ones. I found a lovely modal rayon at JoAnn's that I think will work. It's got plenty of drape.

To make these a little less casual, I want to add faux seaming down the front, with topstitching, and cuffs on the bottoms. I will definitely make them shorter, most likely to just below the knee. I also want to add back pockets with decorative stitching. Basically, I want super comfy pants that look like really wide jean capris. Since they have a high, elastic waist, I know they will be super comfy. I have already seen that Novita has made the Ninni culottes up, and I think they look amazing.

So those are my late spring sewing plans. Do you make sewing plans, or do you sew clothes on a whim?