Spring Basics--Mostly an Outfit Post

Hello everybody! This week has been going well for me. I received high grades on my exams from last week and I haven't had excessive homework, not to mention it has been sunny a lot.

So last weekend I finished my early spring sewing with my last top. It's pretty basic, not anything new really. But I do have a lot of lovely outfit pictures in which the shirt doesn't really show! Ah, the joys of pretending not to freeze while taking blog photos.

(On another note, some of the girls from my floor walked by as I was posing and started cheering for me.)

Without further ado, my basic long-sleeve floral tee.

Pattern: A personal pattern. The Lark Tee by Grainline and Concord Tee by Cashmerette are similar though.
I've used and hacked this pattern SO MANY TIMES by now.

Fabric: Cotton/spandex knit from the Sage collection by Art Gallery Fabrics, purchased through Fabric.com. It's really soft. I highly recommend their knits.

Construction: I used 1 inch hems again and I really like the finish.

Comments: The pattern is really busy, and as I've previously noted with Gillian (down in the comments section), busy prints tend to make me look block-like and squarular. To counteract this, I tried to keep the top very fitted and the sleeves tight too. I also scooped out the neckline. I think it worked! I definitely don't feel overwhelmed in this the way I do in my crazy turtleneck. Of course, the scale of the print may be a factor too. This print is pretty small.

All right, enjoy the rest of my outfit photos, courtesy of KJ!

What are some of your Tried'N'True patterns?