Wish Fulfillment: Inari Dresses

Hello, everybody! I am just finishing out spring break, and I did sooooo much sewing this week. Basically I did all my spring plans in 5 days. And today I had a chance to meet with a friend who lives a ways away to take pictures! She's a semi-professional photographer outside of her studies and takes gorgeous photos.
So here are the first things I made: Inari Dresses. These were made to replace the one I loved and shrunk last summer.

Size: Custom shoulders and sleeves, size 2 everywhere else

Materials: Rayon from JoAnn's and what I think is rayon from a flea-market.

Directions/Construction: Easy-peasy. Their instructions are great, not that I used them this time. I did last summer though and they are good!

Alterations: The big floral one has higher slits up the side (by 5cm) and a slightly shortened front hem. Both have bias bound necklines and sleeves, and no cuffs on the sleeves. I used vintage bias tape that I found. I'm sure it was from my grandmother.

Fit: Sooo much better than last summer! The checkered one is kind of sack-like, though, so I plan to wear it with a belt.

The big floral one is totally my style and I really love it. The other is not quite, but it has been in my head as an Inari for a while so I decided to just go with it. It will be really good for work this summer.

Anyway, enjoy some more pictures of the dresses. They will get worn quite a lot this summer when it's warm.

Again, photo credits go to Caleotte Photography.

Have you folk ever sewn the Inari dress or top?


  1. Both the dresses are gorgeous, I actually really like the belt!

    1. Thanks! I was glad to see I still had a brightly colored belt in my closet to pair it with.

  2. These are both gorgeous, I particularly love the fabric of the top one. The higher split is a nice idea too. I've only made this pattern once, as a dress, but have a top version cut out which I really should get round to sewing up!


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