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Hello! It's finally starting to feel like spring outside! This week has been so busy, though, that anything outside of studying and research has been pretty much outside my notice. That being said, I do have a new pattern to review! Wow, a new pattern for me!
This pattern and fabric combination is a dream. I just utterly love it, and now I want all sorts of colors of silk in this hammered texture.
Anyway. I'll get to pictures, taken by my friend Catherine of Caleotte Photography, and the review.

Pattern: NewLook 6373

Size: 8 in the shoulders and bust graded to a 10 in the hips. NewLook put me in like a size 12 somewhere, but I wasn't having any of that nonsense.

Materials Used: Copper/Gold hammered silk from Gorgeous Fabrics. I washed it--yes, I washed silk. I did a swatch first and it turned out fine so into the laundry it went. Not the dryer, though, I'm not crazy. Debbie, of Lily Sage and Co, washes silk all the time. I trusted that she wouldn't do it without reason.

Directions/Construction: I vaguely skimmed these...? I know, I am horrible at using the directions. I mainly just looked at how they inserted the straps. It's like what you would do for enclosed bra straps, if that makes sense. They go between the facing and outer part.

Alterations: First, I made a muslin of the bodice because I knew I would have to narrow the dress, and I graded from an 8 at the bust to a 10 ten at the hips. I ended up taking 4 cm total out of the dress (all the way down). It was split between the front and back center of the dress.
Obviously, I made the dress longer. I basically just followed the line as long as I could make it on my fabric. I also made a slight handkerchief hem.
I thought about adding shaping in the back, but I wanted to be able to slip the dress on without any closures, so I didn't.
Also, I didn't have interfacing with me, so I used linen instead, under the facing. It's quite a bit thicker than interfacing is, but it does the same job.

Fit: It's a pretty good fit! I made sure to make it with a specific bra in mind, so that it covered those straps, and it does. I probably didn't need to grade up, but I like the extra space. I made a sash so that I can wear this multiple ways, and I really like it.
Somehow the bust darts ended up uneven???? But no one will notice but me. Also they fit correctly on me, with a low bust, so if your bustline is normal you may want to raise the darts.

Comments: I love this dress! It has fairy vibes going in these pictures. It also has 70's vibes and 20's vibes if I style it right and those are my favorite decades fashion-wise, so I'm very pleased with it.

On the pictures: Catherine says I move around too fast, and that's why there's so many pictures of my back. I apologize. I will sloth around next time, Catherine. Promise.

Well, that's my new dress that I absolutely love. Tomorrow starts April, which means sign-ups for Me-Made-May!
See you all later!


  1. This is such a gorgeous dress! That fabric is just gorgeous, what a colour! I'm with you on washing fabrics like silk, who wants to be going to the drycleaners every time it needs cleaned?! I've just washed some cashmere that I'm in the process of making into a skirt as I'm hoping it'll be a real wardrobe basic & want to be able to put it through the wash when I need to.


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