Happy Blogiversary to Me!

It's official; I've had my blog for a little over a year now! To celebrate, I thought I'd share some of my favorite makes from the past year.

 First up, in May, was my skirt for graduation. I loved the fact that I wore something handmade to my commencement. Also, check out that long hair!
Then my original Inari dress in July, poor baby. I loved it before it shrunk. Also, that was the month of messy buns...
My tropical bikini in August! I've only worn it a few times as I don't go swimming much, but I love it.
My winter skirt in December. I had just needed some glitzy fabric, and this was the one that seemed the most useful. It's cream and with the texture and sparkle I don't wear it much, but it makes me happy.
Then in January, my Simplicity x Madalynne set. It's super supportive and I adore it, although the racerback is a tad bit too visible.
My most joyous mustard cardigan in February! It serves as loungewear most Saturdays for me, paired with leggings.
A new Inari dress in March! And a lovely friend taking pictures. I particularly love this one, and I love the soft sweetness of the dress even though it's not frilly.
And finally, my fancy silk dress. I wore this to my dorm banquet last Friday and received lots of compliments. I also got my first, "Will you make my wedding dress?" comment. To which my answer was no. I don't she liked the abrupt refusal, but oh well. Chances are I won't even sew all of my wedding outfit, should I ever get married. I'm not sewing some girl's I don't know and love like a sister.

So those are my favorite things, and it's been a good year to me! Here's hoping for another great one!