Germaine: Peachy Petal Pink Love

Alright, so maybe the post title is cavity-inducing overkill, but seriously. I loooove this new top I made. It's light and springy and the color is to die for and it's boxy and cropped and it's my favorite thing ever.

Pattern: a mostly self-drafted top, once vaguely hacked from some McCall's bodice. I made this pattern at least 1.5 years ago. I named it Germaine.

Materials Used: peachy pink linen-cotton blend from Etsy, Zipper Tailor Fabric Snap shop. It's seriously a dream to sew up and so soft.

Construction: made with my serger, sleeves and neckline finished with vintage bias tape. Oh, the pocket! I love it.

I utterly love this top. It's the perfect spring top, boxy and cropped, and it's the perfect color, and I love it. I think it was subconsciously inspired by Heather of Closet Case Files. I didn't intentionally make it based off her but I put my first outfit together with it and it felt like something she would wear. Plus we had a very short comment conversation on the color blush being perfect for spring one time. Any way, she's chic and it feels like her so it must mean I look chic in it? Yeah let's go with that.

I also choose to style it in a bit more formal way, with a khaki skirt my grandmother made me back in middle school and a necklace.

It's a pretty plain top, with vague princess seams, and one A++ pocket.

Well, that 's all I have for now. Have you ever made something subconsciously inspired by someone else?


  1. What a lovely top! I especially like the pocket.


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