Week 1 Round Up 2017 MMMay

This week has dragged on FOREVER! I had two tests, a presentation, and I HAVE A WHOLE NOTHER WEEK OF CLASSES BEFORE EXAMS. Ugh. At least I didn't fail my chem test. (Inorganic chem, but not advanced, so you get fed some hand-wavy lies, like gen chem.) Anyway, so here are some selfie snapshots of my week, apologies in advance.

 This was Monday, a good day. I had coffee.
This top is one of my oldest wearable makes, just a flowy white tee.
 Tuesday morning, 8:30AM--aren't computer lab lights and screens just so flattering?
Here is my mustard cardigan. I was only aiming for me-made undergarments, but this came out too.
Bonus: Handmade pajama shorts! (Alongside my nerdy t-shirt. So comfy.)
And some more nerd on Wednesday: Here I am with the Pauling Cup, a little trophy cup that is awarded every week in my chem lab. This week my group won it because of my notes about Helium bonding in our presentation. Woooh me!
I wore my gray pineapple shirt, underneath a pale chartreuse sweatshirt. I really don't like the gray top, but it fills out the wide neckline of my sweatshirt well.
Studying like there's no tomorrow on Thursday.
I'm wearing my floral knit top, as well as me-made undergarments.

(Thursday was also the day I tried to spell 'nucleus' as 'nculcus'. Obviously I was tired.)
This morning (Friday): The face of someone who's so done with chemistry and didn't fail her test.
Wearing: kimono sleeve tee and mustard cardigan.

So that was my me-made week. How was yours? I hope you didn't have a near-fatal chem test!