Week 2 Round Up MMMay '17

Hey again! It's Friday once again and yesterday was my last day of classes! My exams don't start 'til Monday, so I'm studying like crazy. But here is what I've worn this week:

 Saturday: My floral tunic, while lording over all my recent stash additions. That's Cotton+Steel Wonderland rayon in the back and some JoAnn's tropical rayon in the front.

Sunday I felt awful, so no pics, but I did wear my newer flowy white tee under a sweatshirt.
 Monday: Tight floral tee under my favorite hand-me-down chartreuse sweater. I don't remember anything else about this day. Oh! I did a presentation in chem.
 Tuesday: Here I am in the computer lab, with my older white tee underneath my dorm/floor sweatshirt.
 Wednesday: My cropped Riff tee under my other chartreuse sweatshirt, ready to take a physics test! (It did not go so well.)
 Thursday: We won the Pauling Cup for the whole year! Also wearing me-dyed top and me-made undergarments.
Also I packed up my whole side of the dorm room, basically, and it looks like a jail cell without my decorations.
Today: I'm wearing an Inari Tee Dress and my mustard cardigan. It's finally warm enough for dresses!

Also, ensuring that I'm wearing something handmade is mildly stressful, since May is a rather stressful month for people still in school anyway.
So that's my week in handmade! What did yours look like?