Week 3 Round Up MMMay '17

Hello from the other side of exams! They're all done, and I'll have you know I got an A- in Physics, so ha! That's my least favorite class.
Anyway, so I don't have many pictures from this week, but here they are:

 Was this Tuesday? I think it was. Here is my Riff tee and some as of yet unblogged Ninni Culottes. Extremely comfy, but too blue for my liking. I'm doing to try to dye them a bit browner.
 Wednesday--one of my Inari dresses and a handknitted sweater that I DID NOT make.
Thursday--a new top, my first day home and only home for the weekend. The top is a mostly self-drafted pattern I named Germaine. It's in a gorgeous peachy petal pink linen-cotton blend and its My New Favorite Thing.

All the other days I wore various me made undergarments. I think I wore my fruit colored shirt from the sewing dare last summer one day as well.

In terms of summer news, I have a job at my college doing research in theoretical chemistry. It's a full-time position (but unlike a class, no homework!!!). I have to find someone to take photos for me but I will do that and then get Germaine and my Ninni culottes on the blog. I might even wear them together, gasp!
Right now I am only home until Sunday, which is when I move back into the house I'll be staying at for the summer. I am excited because I am taking my serger, the Beast, with me so I can sew wovens more confidently.

Have a good week!