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Garden Dreams--Wonderland

Hello! I'm back, after another week of research (sitting in front of a computer, running calculations and code). And I have something else to show! I don't think this will ever be my favorite dress due to various issues, but it's nice and I love the fabric.

Pattern: Very Easy Vogue V8870

Size: XS (4-6). This dress is almost too big and it's the smallest size. What?!? Normally I would have made a size small (8-10) but I did some research prior to cutting the muslin, since I have never made Vogue patterns before. The research suggested that I use my high bust as my bust measurement for sizing and then adjust accordingly. I'm glad I followed this advice since the size small would have been way too big. I can't believe the extra small is almost too big!

Materials Used: Some gorgeous black floral rayon from the Cotton+Steel Wonderland collection. This stuff is dreamy. Unlike other rayons, it doesn't fray the minute you touch it and it doesn't wrinkle nearly as…

Cute Alert !!!

So I'm definitely making assumptions in the title...and I don't know about you, but I think I look cute in my newest creation. It's a crop top, and it's spring colored, and adorable.

Pattern: heavily modified from Madalynne's Mallory Lane bralette pattern. It would be much easier to just make her Noelle pattern, but my summer house doesn't have a printer and the library is closed on Sundays. So I made do.

Materials: scuba knit from JoAnn's, fold over elastic from a fabric outlet hours away.

Construction: I finished all edges of the garment with FOE and used it for the straps. The seams are just serged, and there is no underbust support aside from the seam there.

Alterations: Okay, so there are a bevy of those...I added width to the sides since scuba doesn't have a ton of stretch. Obviously I raised the neckline and remade the back to have a racer back ish style and a cut out. And I used a wide bottom band.

Fit: It's good. It could be better, but then I&#…

Final Lessons Me-Made May '17

Hello! So I didn't have a round-up post last Friday; I've been pretty busy working my summer job and cooking dinner for myself. And I've mostly been wearing me-made undergarments, so I'm not showing those. But the end of the month is approaching, so let's talk about what I learned. (Hint: it's not much.)

First of all, I learned that May is far too stressful to focus on clothing. May is full of studying and exams, and it takes too much energy to think about clothing. It might seem like it only takes about two minutes to pick out clothes for the day, but those choices resonate all day. I spent at way too much time thinking about what I was wearing this month.

Other than that, it was reinforced that generally May is too cold for dresses. Yeah, I think I wore about three. I love sewing dresses but May is never warm enough for bare legs. Also, the computer lab I work in is frigid; long pants and a sweater are a must.

I learned my clothing is pretty spot on with my s…