Cute Alert !!!

So I'm definitely making assumptions in the title...and I don't know about you, but I think I look cute in my newest creation. It's a crop top, and it's spring colored, and adorable.

Pattern: heavily modified from Madalynne's Mallory Lane bralette pattern. It would be much easier to just make her Noelle pattern, but my summer house doesn't have a printer and the library is closed on Sundays. So I made do.

Materials: scuba knit from JoAnn's, fold over elastic from a fabric outlet hours away.

Construction: I finished all edges of the garment with FOE and used it for the straps. The seams are just serged, and there is no underbust support aside from the seam there.

Alterations: Okay, so there are a bevy of those...I added width to the sides since scuba doesn't have a ton of stretch. Obviously I raised the neckline and remade the back to have a racer back ish style and a cut out. And I used a wide bottom band.

Fit: It's good. It could be better, but then I've never made something like this before so it was all guesswork. I think it works because with how structured scuba is, I don't really need support.
----Also, as an aside, I love this skirt. I got it from a secondhand shop and it is exactly what my dreams are made of. Now back to the review.

Comments: I love it! I feel super cute in this top, like I could be a teenager in a novel, with a cute, eclectic life on a road trip, where flea markets and high heels are commonplace. I would love to take a road trip, but that won't happen with my research job... Anyway, the vibes of this top are great. It's definitely feeding into my 'light, happy spring' color obsession.

I will definitely be making another in different fabric, probably with a halter neck.

So that's my latest, cutest make, photographed thanks to my housemate Ivy! What are you up to this June?