Final Lessons Me-Made May '17

Hello! So I didn't have a round-up post last Friday; I've been pretty busy working my summer job and cooking dinner for myself. And I've mostly been wearing me-made undergarments, so I'm not showing those. But the end of the month is approaching, so let's talk about what I learned. (Hint: it's not much.)

First of all, I learned that May is far too stressful to focus on clothing. May is full of studying and exams, and it takes too much energy to think about clothing. It might seem like it only takes about two minutes to pick out clothes for the day, but those choices resonate all day. I spent at way too much time thinking about what I was wearing this month.

Other than that, it was reinforced that generally May is too cold for dresses. Yeah, I think I wore about three. I love sewing dresses but May is never warm enough for bare legs. Also, the computer lab I work in is frigid; long pants and a sweater are a must.

I learned my clothing is pretty spot on with my style. I have all the colors I like and silhouettes too. I reached a lot for chartreuse and peach this month, and that seems consistent with my spring color preferences. I noticed that while last year I wanted gray, this year I wanted light happy colors.

That's about what I learned. I've got a few projects in the works that I can hopefully share soon, and I might have a post about my life outside of sewing?? We'll see. Anyway, catch y'all later.