Garden Dreams--Wonderland

Hello! I'm back, after another week of research (sitting in front of a computer, running calculations and code). And I have something else to show! I don't think this will ever be my favorite dress due to various issues, but it's nice and I love the fabric.

Pattern: Very Easy Vogue V8870

Size: XS (4-6). This dress is almost too big and it's the smallest size. What?!? Normally I would have made a size small (8-10) but I did some research prior to cutting the muslin, since I have never made Vogue patterns before. The research suggested that I use my high bust as my bust measurement for sizing and then adjust accordingly. I'm glad I followed this advice since the size small would have been way too big. I can't believe the extra small is almost too big!

Materials Used: Some gorgeous black floral rayon from the Cotton+Steel Wonderland collection. This stuff is dreamy. Unlike other rayons, it doesn't fray the minute you touch it and it doesn't wrinkle nearly as much! It also has a more substantial weave, I think, which leads to a slightly slinkier feel than generic rayon.

Directions/Construction: ...Yeah we all know I don't look at those. I made this dress in a way that made sense to me, so it might be constructed totally wrong...anyway, it worked. I used my serger for the seams and used bias tape for the neckline and sleeve hems.

Alterations: So I like pockets in dresses, but I don't like sewing pockets in dresses...I didn't add them in. Also, I eliminated the high-low hem in favor of a plain one. My fabric is already overwhelming, I didn't want to add to that.
Instead of using their facings, I used vintage chartreuse bias tape. I was so excited to finally have a project to use it on.
I also tacked the neckline together.

Fit: like I said, this dress is almost too big. The bodice shoulders fit decently but there is so much blousing that it doesn't really resemble blousing. Also the mock wrap neck is huge; this would make a great nursing dress for new mothers but it isn't exactly what I need. I tacked the necklines together to save my modesty. This sparked some great conversation among my housemates, about beauty standards and society, because they started arguing over whether or not my neckline was low enough. Regardless, I think it looks weird if I tack it lower because I don't really have cleavage. There's just a ton of bare white skin showing and it looks funny, so it stays where it is.

Comments: This dress makes me think 1940s, or the 1980s mimicking the 1940s. It's got the right neckline, the more modest skirt length, the raglan sleeves... I'm not sure this is a favorite dress because of all the fitting issues, but I like the fabric so it definitely will be worn.
I'm not sure if this silhouette is really my style. I generally don't go for so much blousing. Anyway, we will see.

Also, looking back at these pictures, I have concluded that hugely bright matte lipstick isn't really me. It doesn't look bad (it does get stuck on braces though), but I much prefer my shimmery sheer tints!
So that's my latest dress! What have you been doing in June so far?


  1. It's really lovely, absolutely perfect for summer!

    1. Thank you! I actually wore it to church today.


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