Stitching Students: Lauren of Lady Sewalot

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of the Stitching Students series! Today I am presenting the lovely and talented Lauren of Lady Sewalot. Lauren was actually the first student blogger I ever found, and is the one who (unknowingly) inspired me to start my blog! Lauren's makes are always fresh and fun to read about, and sometimes use unconventional materials! Without further ado, let's get to the interview.

Where are you from?

At what level of schooling are you?

What are you studying?
I’m going to start my third and final year of a Costume Production degree at drama school in September.

Why did you choose this?
I decided that this was the skill I wanted to put my 10,000 hours into, to become a master of. 

How do your studies affect your sewing, or vice versa? How do you balance and manage time effectively? (Ugh, I sound like an adult. Wait, I am one. Technically.)
My studies are essentially sewing. I work in the costume room at uni from 10-6 Monday to Friday which doesn’t really leave a lot of time for my own sewing. Honestly, self-imposed deadlines are the best motivation for me to finish something. Unfortunately that means that the quality of the sewing is not always the best. Having to concentrate so hard on doing everything by the book during the day, sometimes it’s freeing to be a rebel in the evening and not use any pins. 

Moving on to general sewing…

When did you learn how to sew, and when did you really get into it?
My parents were wonderful and bought me a sewing machine, a sewing pattern and some fabric for my 13th birthday. I started off by making school bags in hideous upholstery fabric and then I found sewing blogs where people were making their own clothing and never looked back.

What is your favorite pattern company? Or several if you can’t choose.
I love Closet Case Patterns. I think that Heather Lou is doing a fantastic job of creating patterns for garments that might be slightly intimidating to the average sewer and making them accessible for everyone to make. Her patterns have really helped me develop my skill set as a sewer.

Sophie bikini, pattern from Closet Case Patterns

What are your favorite things to sew?
I sometimes love those quick DIYs that are thrown together with no pattern with a 50/50 chance of actually working out, but I also find long projects that are impeccably finished incredibly satisfying as well. 

What technique do you dread the most?
I am not a fan of buttonholes.

Moving on to the intersection of style and sewing…

Where do you get most of your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from everywhere. I love seeing what everyone around me is wearing; social media is fantastic for this. Then I can analyze what I like and what doesn’t quite gel with me. 

What colors do you predominantly sew/wear? If there’s a difference, why? Does season make a difference? So interesting.
I love bright colours and rich tones; mostly reds, greens, blues and pinks. I find black very harsh and I don’t enjoy wearing it at all. 

A brightly colored Noelle dress

If you had to describe your style in one phrase or sentence, what would it be?
Pretty classic. I like things to look pretty, and that isn’t really what fashion is about.

A veeeeeery pretty bodysuit and tutu

What is your favorite make currently? Why do you love it so much?
I love my strappy back dress. The slight stretch in the fabric helps it to fit beautifully and I love the party in the back. It makes me feel like I can conquer the world when I wear it.

The pose of a student ready to conquer in the strappy-backed dress.

Is your sewing area tidy? (If it is, can I hire you??)
Never. I sew in my bedroom and it is actually chaos. 

Outside of sewing…

If you’re not studying or sewing, what are you doing? (Hobbies or other important things you do. Watching TV totally counts.)
I bake a lot to make the amount of cake I eat more financially viable.

Finally, if you had to move to a different country, where would you go?
I’m not sure. I’d have to travel a lot first before making my mind up.

It's very interesting to me that Lauren chose to study Costume Production and spends all her time sewing. It seems a little like pattern drafters who spend their days sewing samples and then go home and sew more! The ability to do that shows an incredible passion.
Also, I love her comment about making cake to keep it affordable! Ingredients like flour and sugar are definitely buy once in a while items, and do cut costs.
Well, that's Lauren for you! You can catch her at her blog Lady Sewalot, and on Instagram as @ladysewalot . Thanks for reading, and come back for the next installment!


  1. I'm looking forward to this series! When I first started blogging I struggled to find sewing blogs written by people my age and on a student budget - it's nice to be introduced to some new blogs :)

    1. Thanks! I've always been interested in what others near my age are doing, so this is a perfect way for me to be nosy and maybe help us find each other!

  2. How exciting to finally get to read the first of this series! I can't wait to read all the others, thank you so much for this Regan.

    1. I'm glad to hear you're excited; I am too!

  3. Oh my goodness! Where has she been all my life. This girl is amazing!! That strappy back dress in particular, oh my goodness I would buy that from her in a heartbeat. That Noelle dress too, so cute.

    Also amen on the buttonholes- despise those.


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