Stitching Students: Let's Get Sewing!

Hello everyone! I'm back again, this time with another installment of Stitching Students. Today I am presenting the lovely young lady behind the blog Let's Get Sewing! She actually found me first, when she commented on a post, and of course I had to go take a gander at her blog. What she makes is really incredible! She's 14 years old and has created so many intricate, detailed, and sometimes self-drafted makes! Plus she knows her own style so well! It's truly an inspiration. Well, let's get to the interview.

Where are you from?

At what level of schooling are you? 
I'm going to be going into year 10, at secondary school, next year.

How do your studies affect your sewing, or vice versa? How do you balance and manage time effectively? (Ugh, I sound like an adult. Wait, I am one. Technically.)
I'm lucky enough to not have too many exams at the moment (my GCSEs don't technically start until next year) so I have lots of sewing time after school. I would say that the best way of balancing sewing and work is to do get any school work over and done with first, so that you can then think of sewing as a motivation. Also, it then means that all extra time can be spent sewing rather than knowing that there is homework to be done.

Moving on to general sewing…

When did you learn how to sew, and when did you really get into it?
I got my first sewing machine when I was 11. I started sewing with patchwork cushions and tote bags (with the help of YouTube!). Last year, when I was 13, I sewed my first dress, which was when I properly got into dressmaking.

What is your favorite pattern company? Or several if you can’t choose.
I think it has to be Tilly and the Buttons.

What are your favorite things to sew?
I love sewing longer, more involved projects such as shirts. I know a lot of people prefer sewing quick projects, but I love the satisfaction of the finished garment after sewing a long make.

What technique do you dread the most?
Finishing seam allowances: it has to be done, but I just find it so boring! It also takes a long time as I don't have an overlocker, and it takes a lot of willpower to not skip it and go onto the last step. There is nothing worse than having a seam start to fray though, so it is worth it!

Moving on to the intersection of style and sewing…

Where do you get most of your inspiration?
Other people! Just watching someone walk by in the street can inspire you to create a whole new outfit.

What colors do you predominantly sew/wear? If there’s a difference, why? Does season make a difference? 
Blue is definitely my favourite colour to wear, and I tend to sew mainly in blue too as I am more drawn towards buying blue fabric. My sewing does change with the seasons though, as in the summer I want to wear brighter outfits (no grey) and so with patterns such as florals.

Proof that she loves blue.

If you had to describe your style in one phrase or sentence, what would it be?
Classic with a touch of me!

Classic stripes and a lovely mustard skirt!

What is your favorite make currently? Why do you love it so much?
My current favourite make is my Rosa shirtdress (Tilly and the Buttons pattern). I don't tend to wear a lot of dresses in winter, so I love to wear them in summer. I really love the details on this dress (top stitching, contrast facing). Also, I'm really proud of it, so it always feels really special when I put it on.

Her Rosa shirtdress

Is your sewing area tidy? (If it is, can I hire you??)
I like to keep my sewing area tidy and organised. However, during a project I let it get really chaotic (pins and fabric everywhere, you know what I mean!) and I tend to do a tidy up after I've finished each project to get ready for the next one. I think that if I didn't do this a mountain of thread would build up so high I'd be unable to see my sewing machine...

Aren't some of her answers so refreshing? One thing I thought of while reading that her sewing area is tidy is that threads building up can be a bother (especially when my sewing area is the dining room table!)! Someone got me a bucket to use for loose threads and scraps though, and it really helped.

I think her classic style is very evident in the pictures, and that button-down skirt is gorgeous.

Well, that's Let's Get Sewing for you! You can find more of her makes over at her blog, and she's also on Instagram as @letsgetsewing1 . Thanks for checking out Stitching Students everyone, and have a good week!