August Musings + Plans (My Sewjo is Gone)

Hello everybody, it's August!
It's August and my job finished last week and I don't know how take breaks anymore. Also, my sewjo is gone.
Of course my sewjo is gone the minute I actually have time to sew. Like, I don't how you real adults do this! I'm only a practice adult and it's been hard to be actively sewing this summer. 40 hrs of working per week, making dinner almost every day, other responsibilities... at that point I don't even want to sew, I want to veg out! And now my sewjo has disappeared.
I made a new shirt last Friday, not because I wanted to, but because I needed a new shirt. Making it wasn't even fun. It was a knit tee, which normally is my jam--but no.
Anyway, this is really rambling and it's probably not going to get better, but I'll try to work in some formatting so you don't get lost. There's 4 things on my to-ramble-about list today. I think.

1. Green. I love green so much that I can't buy green fabric or clothes anymore. Now this sounds weird, but it's true. I found so much green in my wardrobe--mostly olive, some chartreuse, some Kelly--that I had to forbid myself from buying any more when I did my annual back-to-school closet assessment. I have green clothes in every section of my wardrobe: 1 bright green coat, 1 bright green shirtdress, 1 olive top, 1 olive pair of pants, 2 sets of green leggings, 1 swimsuit, 1 pair of olive shorts, and not 2, not 3, but 5 green sweaters. 5. That's 62.5% of my sweaters.
I have so much green that I have to actively plan my outfits so I only wear one green thing at a time.
So I banned myself from buying more and had a little existential crisis in JoAnn's, because if I can't continue to obtain green things, who am I???
This isn't even mentioning the fact that my car is Crayola Crayon Green. But I didn't pick that out, so.

2. My wardrobe. So, in general, my wardrobe. It's pretty nice, I'm pretty happy with where it is. It's filled with the aforementioned greens, some khaki-brown type colors, creams, rusts and roses. Lots of earth tones.
And almost every one of my short-sleeved tops is at least a little cropped. I mean, I do wear my jeans high waisted, so it's fine, but wow. I guess I know what I like. If I had to give you a description in one sentence, to tell you the aesthetic, it might be: Feminine and cozy fight to the death, resulting in a casual wardrobe that draws inspiration from bygone eras, natural fabrics, and earthy colors. I'm happy with it now, but come winter, who knows.

3. What I AM doing. So, I'm not sewing. But I am still creating. I've been doing a fair amount of embroidery lately. I managed to finish the giant project (details to come later, maybe Sept.) and start another smaller one. I even sorted all my thread and labeled them neatly, so ha. My embroidery isn't super technical. I do know a good amount of stitches, but my work is more about color blending and making pictures--it's a bit of a cross between Impressionism (think Monet and Sisley) and Post-Impressionism (mostly van Gogh).
I've also been cooking a decent amount. I've gone vegan this summer (previously vegetarian), and I don't want to eat dining hall food next semester, so I'm working out what I cook well and what I don't. Hint: recipes are key. A few days ago I made lemon-garlic-herb tofu and it was amazing.

4. My plans sans sewjo. Normally this is where I would write down what clothes I wanted to make. Instead, I'm thinking of leaving my sewing machine behind during the fall semester. It'll only take up space, and this semester is going to be super busy anyway--I'm taking 2 chem classes, a notoriously difficult physics, and a cultural geography. I'm not anticipating a whole lot of extra time. Plus I need room for my cooking tools this year. I am taking all my embroidery things with me, so there's that.
If you're worried about sewing content on this blog, don't be, at least for a few months. I've got posts for things I made earlier that need to be put up, along with the Stitching Students series, which is far from complete. So my blog won't change for a while.

Anyway, so that's what's been going through my head! I hope it makes at least a little sense.