Shenanigans / Ergh: Simplicity 8339

Hello everyone! So I promised shenanigans in my last post--let's talk those first, and then get to a review! If you're following my Instagram chances are you've already seen my adventures, but have another rendition. . .

The 3rd week in July my mom and I went to upstate New York--the Finger Lake region--for a half-week vacation. There's tons of lakes and waterfalls there--the lakes are long and skinny like fingers (mine in particular), hence the Finger Lakes name. We stayed at a state park near Ithaca, in a cabin, and everything was fine until we woke up at 3:00AM with swooping bats. In the cabin. Eventually they left, and then we escaped. But it turns out we should have tried to catch them, because bats can carry rabies. And since they weren't captured, guess who got the rabies vaccine?!?!
The next night we were transferred to a different cabin, and mice showed up. The rest of the nights were spent in a hotel.

Anyway, the area was really pretty, and there were tons of waterfalls. Lucifer Falls was my favorite, in Robert H. Treman state park. It was really neat to take the trail that descended with the falls, instead of just seeing the end result.

Lucifer Falls

Also, we went to Ithaca for an afternoon, and SewGreen is just THE coolest shop! It's like a thrift shop for sewing, run entirely on donations, and has tons of fabric, vintage patterns (mostly fifties and sixties) and other craft supplies. Definitely check it out if you are ever in the area.

Purity Ice Cream is really good too, with five (5!!) vegan flavors, which is 4-5 more than I'm used to.
We did some good hiking when it wasn't raining, and had a great time, but I don't think New York is for me. I mean, I don't think The New York Experience (which is on a ton of roadside signs) is supposed to involve doctor's visits.

Anyway, now on to the review! So I made this sports bra months ago, and am only now getting around to posting about it, mostly because it was frustrating and annoying.

Let me preface it by saying that the sizing is not your typical bra sizing, and it's not advertised anywhere on the outside of the pattern. Typically, I'm a 32D. But in this pattern, the band size is your literal, raw underbust measurement. That would put me at a 28D, which is one size smaller than is actually even in the pattern. If I had known this, chances are I would have totally skipped out on the pattern; I like my bands firm and tight. Anyways.

Pattern: Simplicity 8339, what I think is view C.

Size: a messed up 32D

Materials Used: Sport lycra from Spoonflower, designer ShopCabin, and stretch mesh/net from JoAnn's. Elastic from JoAnn's.

Directions: Once I figured out how to do the straps, I gave up on the directions. I was already frustrated and upset at this point. Let's not even look at the insides of this one, it's very messy.

Alterations: I took a bunch of fabric out of the sides and ditched their band piece in favor of winging it.

Fit: Eh. It works, but not great. The princess seams pucker and don't lie flat, and visually the bra looks too long on me, like the neckline is too high. It's not super attractive.

Comments: I find it highly unlikely that I will ever make this again, given my bad experience the first time. It's wearable, but not my favorite.

So that's what I think of this pattern. Not a stellar review; but some of this could have been avoided if I had read the sizing guidelines before cutting my fabric. Have you ever had a pattern like this?


  1. Nice sports bra! Your post made me homesick! My family still lives in Elmira so when I visit we often go to Ithaca. Did you get to see Buttermilk Falls? The last time I visited there during the summer the weather was so hot and dry that Buttermilk Falls was just a trickle. I love the Fingerlakes area and visiting wine country. And yes, bats are rampage in that area.

    1. We were actually staying at Buttermilk Falls when we got the bats! Avoid cabin #3 in the future!
      And it rained the whole time we were there, so we got to see all the falls in their splendor.


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