Stitching Students: Haylee of Threaded

Hello all! Today I am here with another edition of Stitching Students. This one is about Haylee of the blog Threaded. I read her blog years ago but lost track of it, so when I found her again, it was like, "Oh hey! I remember you!" Haylee's makes are gorgeous and have a beautiful aesthetic. Not to mention how awesome the scenery in the background is! Without anything else, here's Haylee.

Where are you from?

At what level of schooling are you?
College senior

What are you studying?

Why did you choose this?
I've had an interest in nutrition since high school, and want to become a metabolic diseases dietitian. Truthfully I have regrets about not doing Fashion Design but it wasn't offered at my school and I had concerns about job prospect in the future. In an ideal world though, I would have gone to New York and studied Fashion Design. :)

How do your studies affect your sewing, or vice versa? How do you balance and manage time effectively?
Ugh this is the worst! I'll be honest, I kind of don't even try. haha I just can't make it work and so don't end up sewing much during the semester. I don't recommend this of course, because that's no fun! But that's what I've had to do to make it work. If you're like me and have this problem, one good option is to take a sewing class through your school. I did this one semester and not only had time to sew (because it was built into my schedule) but I also learned a ton.

Moving on to general sewing…
When did you learn how to sew, and when did you really get into it?
I learned as a kid when my mom forced me to learn. haha I really didn't like it until high school when I started taking sewing classes through my school and after school. By senior year, I lived in the sewing room. I had an awesome sewing teacher who let me TA for a bunch of classes so I basically spent my entire senior year sewing, it was awesome.

What is your favorite pattern company? Or several if you can’t choose.
I honestly don't think I have one, I usually pick and choose from multiple patterns when I make things, so I really don't pay attention to brand. However, for kids patterns, Oliver + S all the way!

What are your favorite things to sew?
Dresses. In my ideal world, I would be a wedding dress designer because I love white dresses. I think I need to tone it down some, because literally everything I make is starting to be white. haha

What technique do you dread the most?
Zippers or button holes. Zippers have gotten much better by upgrading to a better sewing machine though.

Moving on to the intersection of style and sewing…
Where do you get most of your inspiration?
I like to copy RTW so it's usually just random pieces of clothing I find on Pinterest or from ASOS, Madewell, etc. When I have extra time, I also like to look at fashion collections from Marchesa, Elie Saab, Christian Siriano, and Alice + Olivia.

What colors do you predominantly sew/wear? If there’s a difference, why? Does season make a difference?
White! If I'm getting risky, I'll wear off-white. haha no, I honestly love all colors (especially pastels) but I do definitely use mostly white fabric. My reasoning is so incredibly vain but I just think white makes me look more tan than other colors and I'm super pale so it works out. haha

If you had to describe your style in one phrase or sentence, what would it be?
I always have the hardest time with this question! I guess I'd say feminine, but to be honest I don't like that word very much so I need to come up with a better name for it!

What is your favorite make currently? Why do you love it so much?

This lace back wrap V-neck dress. I made it a while ago and it's been my response to this question for too long, but it's still my favorite thing I've made.

The lace-back wrap dress, her favorite make.

Is your sewing area tidy? (If it is, can I hire you??)
Haha oh my gosh, I promise you don't want to hire me. So I have like piles of stuff everywhere but they're all organized, if that makes sense. Like I have 5 piles of different sewing projects on the desk, but they're all organized according to their corresponding sewing project pile. haha so to outsiders it probably looks all over the place but to me, it doesn't. I'd prefer to have it better organized but you know #nobodysgottimeforthat!

Haylee's sewing area

Outside of sewing…
If you’re not studying or sewing, what are you doing? (Hobbies or other important things you do. Watching TV totally counts.)
I love to go on long drives and listen to music. I also like to read memoirs, watch Big Brother, and play board games.

Finally, if you had to move to a different country, where would you go?

And that's Haylee! I find it really interesting that she took a lot of sewing classes in school. My high school has exactly zero (0) sewing classes. The closest it has is the Nutrition (cooking) class and the Child Care and Development class. 
I also really love all her white garments! I agree, feminine can be a tricky word to describe style--because there's elegance and then there's excessive frills, and those can end up in the same category, even though they are different!
Again, this has been Haylee of Threaded, and I'll see you next time!