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Swimsuit 2017: a Retro Affair

Hello everybody! Sorry it's been so long, but my pictures didn't want to upload at my Mom's house, and then I started school up again... Three hard science classes with the accompanying labs is no joke! I'm not even all that worried about organic chem, but my analytical chem and physics classes are tough.
Today I am presenting the swimsuit I made this summer. I have worn it exactly zero (0) times, other than for pictures. But I haven't gone swimming at all this year, so that's why.

The pattern is mostly self-drafted. The neckline is based on my Sweetest Dreams bra and the width came from a leotard I own. The legline was drawn on the spot, but you can't see it anyway.

My inspiration for this was 60s and 70s swimsuits, with their smooth lines. I particularly liked the high-neck, no back look, so that is what I copied. To keep it modern, I drafted a leg line that is similar to a ballet or jazz leotard--it's not the really low fifties style, but it's c…