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Reinterpretation of a Lake on a Rainy Day

Hello, all! I've finally finished a piece of embroidery that's been in the works since at least April.

I call this "Reinterpretation of a Lake on a Rainy Day". I was driving back from somewhere on a scenic road and I couldn't see very well because of the rain, but I did think the lake looked strangely pretty in the rain, all grays and muted colors. I pulled off to the side, took a picture, and thought, that might be nice to embroider. Then I promptly did nothing until this spring, when I was looking through pictures on my phone.

The view was pretty standard as far as lakes go--rocks, water--so I did a bit of reinterpreting on the scenery, making a bit of a cave or looking-out point, with the calm water in the distance.

I used DMC thread on ivory linen in a 4" hoop. It's all a satin stitch done messily with color blending. The circle is a bit lopsided as well, but I'm hoping that adds to the charm.

Are you inspired by scenes of nature for what you cre…

Summer Adventures!

Hello, all! Time has flown by, but for once I'm not scrambling, going, "And I've done nothing!" This summer has been full of adventures and will continue to be so!
As mentioned in my (long past) prior post, I hiked the Camino de Santiago in Spain! It's a historical pilgrimage; the name means "the way of St. James". It has a very Catholic history, but now people of all kinds of backgrounds do it for a multitude of reasons. When talking with others, one common reason for walking was that there was some kind of big change in the pilgrim's life, like death, or retirement, or spiritual doubts. I was with a group of about 20 people, and we walked 300 miles with our backpacks in 3 weeks. It was an unforgettable experience and not something I can describe very well, especially over the Internet. My feet are still recovering! Here is a picture of me on a Roman bridge:

Now that I'm back into my summer job, I also have summer sewing plans. For me, this is …

Sure, Jan

Hey all, I am super busy and chances are this space will be empty until July. But I'm alive, and very much wishing I had time to dedicate to sewing this semester! Unfortunately, I don't.
Anyway, have this turtleneck I made, like, 3 months ago, over Thanksgiving break. I saw the fabric in JoAnn's and just had to have it because it was perfect 70s fabric. I do not regret my choices.
The pattern is a personal pattern, but Named Patterns has a nice turtleneck as does Papercut Patterns I believe.

So that's my 70s sweater, straight out of the Brady Bunch. I'll see you eventually.

Top 5: Summary of the Past Year

Hey folks, long time no see!! That's what happens when you take 3 science classes which result in 10 hours of lab a week, haha. Anyway, so I though I would follow along with Gillian's Top 5 but in an extremely abbreviated version this year. Top 1 of each category!

To begin, top 1 hit of the year:
Almost everything! I really nailed down my style this year and almost everything I wear feels great. I'll sum it up with this photo by my friend Catherine: a Named Inari tee variation, a secondhand sweater, high-waisted vintage-inspired jeans, boots, and a flower crown on my hat. Completely me. I loved it.

Top 1 miss of the year:
This dress. It's just not my style. I think the silhouette--elasticated waist--is partly to blame, but I just don't care for it much at all. The neckline is not really suitable for me either.

Top 1 highlight of the year:
In terms of my schooling, my research fellowship this summer definitely takes the cake. It was informative, fun, and a great opport…