Top 5: Summary of the Past Year

Hey folks, long time no see!! That's what happens when you take 3 science classes which result in 10 hours of lab a week, haha. Anyway, so I though I would follow along with Gillian's Top 5 but in an extremely abbreviated version this year. Top 1 of each category!

To begin, top 1 hit of the year:
Almost everything! I really nailed down my style this year and almost everything I wear feels great. I'll sum it up with this photo by my friend Catherine: a Named Inari tee variation, a secondhand sweater, high-waisted vintage-inspired jeans, boots, and a flower crown on my hat. Completely me. I loved it.

Top 1 miss of the year:
This dress. It's just not my style. I think the silhouette--elasticated waist--is partly to blame, but I just don't care for it much at all. The neckline is not really suitable for me either.

Top 1 highlight of the year:
In terms of my schooling, my research fellowship this summer definitely takes the cake. It was informative, fun, and a great opportunity for me.
In terms of my (near-nonexistent) social life, I have made some amazing friends this semester and I can't wait to start the new year with them!!!

Top 1 reflection of the year:
Everything is a work in progress. Nothing is ever 'finished'. We and our endeavors are always growing and changing.

Finally, top 1 goal for next year:
Get in shape! I'm going abroad for an intense backpacking trip in May, and I want to be in shape so I can really enjoy that!

Well, that's about all. Have a great start to the new year and remember that eventually things will look up.


  1. Sounds like a good year, and exciting things coming up too! Where are you going to backpack???

    1. I'm going to western Europe! I'm really excited.


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