Summer Adventures!

Hello, all! Time has flown by, but for once I'm not scrambling, going, "And I've done nothing!" This summer has been full of adventures and will continue to be so!
As mentioned in my (long past) prior post, I hiked the Camino de Santiago in Spain! It's a historical pilgrimage; the name means "the way of St. James". It has a very Catholic history, but now people of all kinds of backgrounds do it for a multitude of reasons. When talking with others, one common reason for walking was that there was some kind of big change in the pilgrim's life, like death, or retirement, or spiritual doubts. I was with a group of about 20 people, and we walked 300 miles with our backpacks in 3 weeks. It was an unforgettable experience and not something I can describe very well, especially over the Internet. My feet are still recovering! Here is a picture of me on a Roman bridge:

Now that I'm back into my summer job, I also have summer sewing plans. For me, this is the summer of the button-down shirt. I have plans for at least 4 of them, two long and two short sleeved.
First, a rose short-sleeved one with cuffed sleeves. I purchased a rose colored twill in Madrid (it sounds so fancy!); I only got half a meter because I didn't have much money left, but it's enough for a shirt for me.
Second, a short-sleeved button down with a green and lilac tropical-like floral. I'm thinking of using the top part of Named Patterns' Rita Dress, because I love the collar. I know I bought and printed out the pattern last summer, so it's merely a matter of finding it now.
Third and fourth, two plaid flannel button-downs. I have a lovely brown and cream large-scale plaid that is super soft, and a bright orange plaid that should work well.
Lately, I've really been feeling the desire for more tailored or androgynous looks rather than tops that emphasize the shape of my body. I also never have the time to make button-down shirts. So this summer, I am doing both!

Aside from sewing, I feel like I'm living my best life this summer! I ride my bicycle to work every day, and am using it for as much of my travel and errands as possible. I'm trying to eat healthy-ish, (my lunches are full of good stuff!), I'm meeting up with friends often, I'm reading more, and I've even started working out! I know, right?! The Camino de Santiago really transformed my perspective in certain ways. I'm definitely trying to embrace that change and stop holding myself back.

What are your summer plans, sewing or otherwise?