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Reinterpretation of a Lake on a Rainy Day

Hello, all! I've finally finished a piece of embroidery that's been in the works since at least April.

I call this "Reinterpretation of a Lake on a Rainy Day". I was driving back from somewhere on a scenic road and I couldn't see very well because of the rain, but I did think the lake looked strangely pretty in the rain, all grays and muted colors. I pulled off to the side, took a picture, and thought, that might be nice to embroider. Then I promptly did nothing until this spring, when I was looking through pictures on my phone.

The view was pretty standard as far as lakes go--rocks, water--so I did a bit of reinterpreting on the scenery, making a bit of a cave or looking-out point, with the calm water in the distance.

I used DMC thread on ivory linen in a 4" hoop. It's all a satin stitch done messily with color blending. The circle is a bit lopsided as well, but I'm hoping that adds to the charm.

Are you inspired by scenes of nature for what you cre…