Sizing and Me

So this page is meant to clearly keep my measurements and common sizes. This way, if you are similar in size you can have some guidance in choosing pattern sizing, which is something I wish other sewing bloggers would provide. Also, I can keep track of what sizes I generally sew.

My measurements in inches:
Overbust: around 30.5-31
Bust: 32
Underbust: 28
Waist: 26.5 ish, this fluctuates
Hips: 35.5-36 ish
Height: 5 feet, 3 inches (63 inches)

General Cup size: 32D

Other things that make me human and not a mannequin:
Narrow shoulders (compared to bust)
Low set bust
Skinny arms and wrists (I mean really skinny)
Slight swayback

Adjustments I generally make, or ought to make:
FBA (full-bust adjustment) (I never do this but I should sometimes)
Skinny arms/wrists
Narrowing the whole bodice, front and back, through the center of the garment (not the side seams)
Raising armholes (occasionally)
Shortening to get correct length

My general sizes (regardless of fitting) :
McCall's knit patterns--size 8 top and bottom
McCall's swimwear--size 8
NewLook--size 8
Simplicity--size 8, or sometimes x-small
Named Patterns: size 0 or 2 (never 4)
I have been known to wear a girls' size 14 skirt in Butterick.
Burda--size 8 tops and dresses, sometimes size 10 for bottoms
I've only sewn one Vogue pattern but the X-Small was almost too big.

Hopefully this can help some of you at some point in time!